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Rafting With Kids

Rafting With Kids

Keeping Kids Safe and Happy

Every parent has been there, you’re trying to do a really cool or fun thing with your kids, and it’s not going as well as you envisioned. Or you’re really nervous about the risk. But we’ve always been kid-aware. When owner Gina started the business, her kids were only 6 and 9. They came on the river all the time, and she needed to know they were safe. Gina also has a life-long fear of water, so that makes her a lot more aware of risks. As the company founder, she set the direction for our safety policies and guest care, and well, she’s a mom! You could say our approach to safety and fun with kids on the river is Mom-Approved! 

When you raft with us, we make sure it’s fun and safe. You just get to relax. And there’s something magical that happens on a river. The sights, sounds… it even smells amazing. Kids are usually entranced, but during float when they might get bored, we tell them riddles or jokes and teach them about paddling. Plus we have a secret weapon guaranteed to bring the fun – WATER GUNS! 

Why our trips are safer and more fun: 

  • We use rowing frames on our boats, which means the guide has greater control of the raft than with just a paddle.
  • Handling kids is part of our training, and most of our guides have experience working with kids. 
  • Cookies and hot chocolate finish every trip! Even us big kids love that! 
  • YUP, WATER GUNS!! On the slow sections, we pull them out and soon everyone is acting like kids.

Got questions? Reach out! We’re happy to help. Call 1-877-945-3786, text (780) 666-9718 or email

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The Best Part is the Giggling

Taking the kids out in the raft always creates some wonderful and hilarious memories. I am glad they are looking out for the adults, safety first!

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