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River Pirates

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Child Ages 4+

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The Experience

My little brother Emmett is crazy about pirates, so when Mom saw this pirate rafting trip of course we ALL had to go. But it was actually kind of fun. Don’t tell anyone I said that ‘cause I’m still teasing Emmett!

When we got there, everyone was dressed in pirate costumes. Then, we got our faces painted and put on pirate bandanas – except Emmett already had his own. But they gave him another one anyway and said he could join their crew. They made lots of jokes while we got ready. Mom said she could hear us laughing while she was signing some papers. Then they drove us to the river in this big blue bus and read this story about the ‘real’ pirates who used to drink tea all the time. Kinda weird, but anyway they said what we were looking for their lost treasure, and it had a curse on it. There was also this part about cannibal moose, and I was a little scared ‘cause I learned in school that they’re really big, but cannibals???

Even though all the pirates goofed around A LOT, it seemed like they totally knew what they were doing so I wasn’t too worried. We went to a big waterfall first, then into the boat. The Captain (who is a GIRL like me!) was singing songs and telling really bad jokes. Then the First Mate took us to shore and I thought it was over. But he had a fight with the Captain and quit. That was really weird. But then he came running back screaming! We all ran after him and found the treasure, but that First Mate tried to steal it! The Captain had to fight him with a sword this time. You should have seen Emmett – when they gave him some treasure to keep, you could tell he thought it was real. Of course, Mom said I wasn’t allowed to tell him it was fake. And then we got back in the boats, went to the end and they gave us cookies and hot chocolate! Score! I really thought it was going to be lame but it wasn’t at all! It was super fun! I’m really glad my little brother likes to be a pirate because otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten to be a pirate too!

Fun Time

The staff was super friendly and being part of the pirate crew was so much fun. We did some treasure hunt and enjoyed the scenery along the river so much. Definitely recommended!

– LGS | Tripadvisor
Kids Loved It

The staff was very friendly and the experience was great. We loved becoming pirates and finding the treasure! We also greatly enjoyed the story of the man-eating moose. Even the bus ride there was fun as we played "The Captain Says".

– Courtney | Tripadvisor
A Blast

We took our 7 and 4 y/o on the Pirate adventure and they LOVED it! The staff were fun, energetic and made a lasting memory for our family.

– Jen K. | Tripadvisor
A Must-Do!

I highly recommend this to anyone with young kids. I brought my two kids ages 3 and 7 and they both had a blast. The guides were AMAZING and hilarious! The entertainment for both the kids on board and the adults was endless. The crew goes the extra mile to turn the kids into pirates with face paint, swords, treasure and the best stories ever.

– Christy M. | Tripadvisor

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