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Canyon Whitewater

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 8 - 11

Trip Information

The Experience

Imagine you’re in the mountains, just west of nowhere, standing at the edge of a canyon. The fresh air is alive with the scent of wildflowers, and nature is buzzing and humming all around. You’re on a winding path, walking down to a river. You’ve been well prepared, but this just got real. You’re going white water rafting!

After a few minutes of jostling and giggling, everyone’s on board and you’re sweeping downstream. You can almost hear your heart beating over the rushing water. The views and the rapids are becoming more intense, but it’s a playful river and it eases you in. It feels almost intimate, like nature has invited you to a private viewing.

Sometimes you’re so close to the cliffs you can reach out and touch them. Plants and trees grow impossibly out of crevices in sheer rock walls. Light and colour and water change around every corner. It’s a constant unveiling of incredible beauty you can only see from the water! And there’s this wonderful feeling — you’re immersed in a total sensory experience in an ancient, pristine canyon.

You and your group, you feel a part of this wild place, a part of this river family. You’re all on a journey together — and it’s one that almost anyone can go on. The guides call out commands, and everyone paddles, rests, and paddles again. The gorgeous scenery seems endless, and when the two rivers join at the Sulphur Gates, it’s almost surreal. Most people only see that view from the top, and it’s impressive, but from the river… it blows your mind. You look up and think, “Wow, nature did this.” It’s humbling.

The Smoky River is wide, peaceful and timeless. You put your paddle down, relax and just watch the world float by, until someone (or maybe it’s you) mentions a water fight, and suddenly it’s a whole new adventure! You are shooting water at each other like little kids, folded over laughing, splashing paddles and pumping water guns. The antics slowly subside, the trip winds down as the take-out spot comes into view, and you think to yourself, “Isn’t life grand?”

Loved It

It was a wonderful experience for me and my family. They ensured to keep everyone safe with regards to COVID protocols and throughout trip. We had a great guide and I would highly recommend it.

– Monique R. | Tripadvisor
Great Experience

Excellent experience! We went as a family (young kids to teenagers) and they took extra care to make sure the younger ones were safe and warm. Everyone had fun and talk about it as a highlight of our trip!

– Lexie B. | Tripadvisor
Fantastic Trip

Went white rafting during Covid and the crew there is extremely clean and careful with all their sanitizing efforts. Had an excellent trip and our guide was fantastic. 3rd time there and would go back anytime.

– Michelle L. | Tripadvisor
Family Fun

Great time with the kids with some wonderful scenery! I would highly recommend to others wanting to have some family fun. Very worth the scenic drive to Grande Cache.

– Kara J. | Tripadvisor

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