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Columbia River Float

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 4 - 12

Trip Information

The Experience

I’ve always had a real passion for the wilderness but I’m not as mobile as I used to be. My wife suggested this rafting trip and it was absolutely perfect. The booking process and the short bus ride to the river was nice and easy, and then right off the bat we got to walk to a nearby waterfall. It was so beautiful my wife and I felt like we were on a date. They even took pictures of us! 

I’d forgotten how peaceful it is out on the water. All we had to do was sit in the raft and float down a slow, wide river. It’s what they call an ‘old river’, full of history and stories. Seems this river and I had some things in common! The guide was really knowledgeable and shared some fascinating local history. I had no idea that before the railroad was built the Columbia River was the main ‘highway’ into western Canada. Sure wish I’d been around for the ‘Big Bend Gold Rush’ back in 1865 ‘cause they were making over $700 a day! Imagine that! So there we were, drifting down the same river as those early explorers. It was a real adventure!

I’m actually not a big thrill seeker. Never was. But the richness of just being quiet in nature and taking it all in… well, you can’t beat it. Listening to the water lapping against the side of the boat and the occasional splash of the oars (oars I didn’t have to man!) it felt like I’d traveled back in time to when the world was simpler, just sitting in a boat with my girl.

We slid quietly past a golf course and under a bridge or two, but I was surprised by how remote it felt. The scenery was beautiful – all those mountains shining like gold in the late afternoon sun. You see so much from the river. Soon enough we were back to shore, and I felt so alive; I could do this every day! Now we’re planning to come back with the kids and grandkids. I just can’t think of a better way to spend time with the people I love most.

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Family Fun

The youngest of our group was just 4 and the Blue Yonder guides were great, we all felt very safe and looked after. Beautiful scenery, would highly recommend for families with younger kiddos not able to do the more advanced stuff.

– Zozo W. | Tripadvisor
Perfect Trip

Had a fantastic time with Wild Blue Yonder in Revelstoke! Freeman, Yo, and Chris were funny, calm and very capable guides. They handled Covid regulations with grace and humor. 100% recommend taking a trip with this great group.

– Laura K. | Tripadvisor
Loved It

Our kids (8 and 11 years old) smiled throughout the trip! Guides quickly got everyone confident and looking forward to the next rapid. This ranks really high in the list of great family memories! Great adventure and scenic views.

– Marcus W. | Tripadvisor
A Must-Do!

My friends and I had a fantastic day with the Wild Blue Yonder crew. The day was well organised, safe, and adventurous. We have all been rafting a few times and what a thrilling day on the river it was with this trip!

– Lavina S. | Tripadvisor

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