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Revelstoke Rapids

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 12 - 16
Young Child Ages 8 - 11

Trip Information

The Experience

While camping near Revelstoke, my kids found a brochure for white water rafting. I definitely didn’t like the idea, but once my kids latch onto something… well, you know what they’re like! They bugged me until I agreed to look into it, and now they’re bugging me ‘cause they were right! It turned out to be the best part of our holiday!

I contacted the rafting company and was immediately impressed. Equipment, certifications, safety record – they’re even Safe Travel certified for Covid! So I booked the trip and went from ‘awful mom’ to ‘awesome mom’ with just one phone call! After they got us all geared up we climbed on board a big blue bus and headed to the river. Along the way the guides explained all about river safety, complete with bad jokes and funny details.

As soon as we left the highway it felt like we were in another world. I admit I was a bit nervous getting into the raft, but the guides were so efficient it was obvious they really knew their stuff. As we floated away from the shore, I felt so free, all my worries just floated away.

The kids had a blast! Some of the rapids were pretty big but after we paddled through the first one I was hooked. It was super exciting! Even my ‘oh so cool’ son gave a little scream when a big wave washed over us! Then we floated through a really calm part of the river and everyone got so still we could hear every little sound; the river splashing, the oars creaking and all around us this vast wilderness. It was like being suspended in time.

I was a bit worried the kids might get bored when the river was calm, but the guides pulled out these mammoth water guns. And the fight was on! Everyone was spraying everyone – even in the other boats! My teenage daughter got into it and just drenched me! I can’t remember the last time my kids and I laughed so hard together. I’ll treasure that. It felt like the river brought us closer together that day.

Amazing Experience

Excellent guides, stunning views, and exciting rapids! Note: this is not a "passive" experience - you are expected to paddle hard when called for! Our guide was friendly, experienced, and made the trip one to remember!

– Pwb27 | Tripadvisor
Great Time

We felt well-prepared and well taken care of by the staff. Homemade cookies and iced tea/lemonade at the end. Our teenaged boys definitely enjoyed the rapids that we hit and it was still family-friendly.

– Elan B. | Tripadvisor

Excellent guides who knew every inch of the river. They made everyone feel comfortable including small children. It was our first time to try rafting and we’re definitely going again now that we’ve had such a positive experience.

– Shay K. | Tripadvisor
A Must-Do!

This was overall an amazing experience. We had the best guide ever. Definitely a sense of humour! Had lots of knowledge of river and surrounding area. Got wet had loads of laughs. Will definitely be back for another adventure!

– Deanna I. | Tripadvisor

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