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Extreme Rafting

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Adult Ages 18+

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The Experience

You’re up in the mountains, bouncing down a rough gravel road in a big blue bus. You and your buddies are about to raft Sheep Creek, one of the most extreme rafting trips in Canada! You head down an even rougher road and then roll to a stop in the middle of nowhere, way, WAY off the beaten path. Your palms are sweating a little. “Who’s idea was this again?” someone says as you all pile off the bus. A guide hands you a bag to carry, and you think, “Seriously?! I can’t even SEE the river!” But then another guide walks by carrying a whole raft on his back, so… you grab the bag and start walking.

Minutes later you’re headed down a steep, uneven trail through dense forest. You can already hear the river – and it is LOUD. Powerful. You can feel it in your whole body, and everyone gets quieter. This is intense. When you reach the shore there’s actually a waterfall! Thankfully, the guides say you get in below it. The safety talk brings home the seriousness of what you’re about to do, but you’re pumped, and you’re ready. Everyone gets into the raft, and then there’s no more time for thinking.

All paddle! GO HARD, HARD, HARD!!” the guide bellows over the thunder of white water. This river hits you in the face. Literally! Suddenly you’re engulfed in water as the raft hits a massive wave and just as you’re ready to dig your paddle in deep, the raft lifts up and you’re paddling air! The raft drops back down and on the next stroke you catch water again. You think, “Wow, that just happened! We did that!” but then you’re already into the next rapid… and the next, and the next. This is teamwork like you’ve never done before. Finally, there’s some time to catch your breath and as a bridge looms into view, the raft heads for shore.

Back on land, you take a moment to process it all. You and your buddies just paddled 13 km of intense whitewater. You’re all talking and laughing about the crazy moments, and you feel a deep sense of accomplishment, of belonging and being a part of something special. It was a bit nuts, but you did it!

Family Fun

What an AMAZING team at Wild Blue Yonder Rafting Adventures! Our group ranged in ages and we all had a blast...even in the frigid temperatures!

– Cassandra M. | Tripadvisor
Great Time

Tons of laughs, splashes and all around good company. Not to mention that they were phenomenal in their skill and knowledge of rafting.

– Srose | Tripadvisor
Loved It

What a great group to organize and adventure with, thanks to the staff of Wild Blue Yonder! We cannot wait to join you again on our next white water rafting trip!

– holowatyj | Tripadvisor

From start to finish the people of Wild Blue Yonder were professional and vary caring. The ride was amazing with great communication and interaction from our guide. Thank you Wild Blue Yonder for a great day!!

– warduke | Tripadvisor

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