Your Overnight Trip Packing Checklist

To make your rafting adventure the best possible experience, you need to keep warm and comfortable both on and off the water. We take care of most of your on-river gear, (what we provide) but on overnight trips, what you wear on the beach is equally important! Below is a list of essentials for you to check-off while you pack. 

You will be provided with a 55L waterproof dry-bag to pack your personal belongings into. Your sleeping bag also goes into this bag. At the time of your trip departure, you should be wearing a swimsuit and the clothes you plan to wear on the beach that evening. We will provide a wetsuit, and you will put the wetsuit on over your swimsuit right before getting on the river. The clothes you are wearing will go into the top of your dry bag, ready for the end of the day! 

The evenings are always much cooler than the daytime, so you will need a warm layer. Check the weather, and bring a rain jacket if rain is forecasted! Clothing made of cotton is NOT recommended as it cools the body if it gets wet. 

  • Base layer: 1 set of top / bottom warm, lightweight layer for under your clothes (NOT COTTON). This layer is the best thing to sleep in, plus a warm hat in case you get cold at night.

  • Swimsuit, 2 sets of underwear, 2 pairs of socks.

  • Warm weather options: t-shirt or tank top & shorts.

  • For evenings and cool weather: warm pullover, warm light weight pants (fleece is best).

  • Face cloth or wipes, travel towel, other personal tioletries

  • Flashlight or headlamp (preferred). Spare batteries for it.

  • Shoes that can get wet such as old running shoes or sport sandals.

  • Dry shoes such as runners or light hikers for the beach at night.

  • Sun glasses, tie-on for glasses

  • Sunscreen, insect repellent.

  • Extra medication, epipen for deadly allergies

  • A sun hat and a warm hat (toque or beanie). A warm hat keep you significantly warmer.

  • Camera: waterproof only can be used on the boats, but on shore as long as it's in a good case.

  • COMPACT sleeping bag, inflatable pad and tent

  • RENTALS: $20 per tent, $20 per sleeping bag & pad.
    COMBO: $50 for 1 tent, 2 sleeping bags & pads.


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