What kind of trips do you have?
Grande Cache: 
We run 3 rivers on half-day, full-day and overnight trips, plus custom packages that can include other activities, meals and accommodations.
For rafting, there's the class 2/3 Sulphur River which is exciting but not too extreme, the class 3/4 Sheep Creek is advanced and requires previous experience. Our overnight trip is on the Kakwa River, also class 3/4. For packages, we can include paintball, horseback riding and more! 
Revelstoke: The Illecillewaet River is a class 2/3+ half-day trip.  We are also offering the Revelstoke River Pirates, a themed trip for kids of all ages and have packages available. 

Do you provide wetsuits? Yes, and all of the gear is included in the price! Besides wetsuits, we also have wetsuit jackets, wind-resistant shells and pants, wetsuit socks and, when it's really cold, mitts and fleece helmet liners. All you need is a swimsuit or similar for under the wetsuit, and a pair of shoes that can get wet. For more details, see What You'll Be Wearing.

Will you have a wetsuit big (or small) enough? Almost certainly! The children's suits start at size 4. Adult suits go as large as 4XLarge in a extra-wide style. We haven't met anyone yet we couldn't fit in a wetsuit. 

When is the best time to go? All the seasons bring their own special magic. Trips in May are the best time to see wildlife. High water is usually in late May and June, so book this for the wildest rides. In Grande Cache, our advanced rivers are usually only available in May & June. In Revelstoke, trips are offered from mid June to early September. The warmest month is usually August, but the water is much lower.

Do I have to book in advance? Usually... although we can often accommodate last minute reservations. Saturdays are the busiest. If you have a group of 8 or more, we recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance for a Saturday. But if a trips shows it's available online, you can book it!

Do you have to know how to swim? No. The lifejackets (PFD's) are designed to keep you head-up in a river. We teach you what to do if you fall out of the raft, how to get back in, and how to swim safely in the river - which is completely different than swimming in a pool or lake! 

What are the minimum numbers for trips? 
Grande Cache: Our Sulphur River trip goes out every day, and usually we don't need a minimum. Sheep Creek does require a minimum of 6 people, but our weekend bookings are open as we can almost always add you to an existing booking. If you don't have the minimum, contact us and we may be able to match you with another small group who wants the same date!  
Revelstoke: For the 2017 season, there will be no minimum number required for our afternoon trips on the Illecillewaet River. We will be on the river every day starting mid June! The morning Illecillewaet trip has a minimum of 4 people required and the River Pirates requires 6 people to go ahead.

Do you have group rates? Yes. If you have a group of 8 or more, you get 5% off. If you have a group of 15 or more it's 10%. 20 or more is 15%, and 30 or more is 20% off.

How old do you have to be? It depends on the trip, and the time of year. Most of our age guidelines are flexible. 
River Pirates: ages 4+
Sulphur River: ages 8+
Illecillewaet Rivers: ages 8+
Kakwa River: ages 15+
Sheep Creek: ages 18+

Do you include meals? What is served? Our full day trips include lunch. It's a selection of cold cuts, cheese, buns, veggies and potato salad. On overnight trips, 5 meals are included. Please see the link on the trip page for complete details.

What are your booking and cancellation policies? Please click to see our Booking Policies