We provide top-quality gear for your safety and comfort! We raft in all kinds of weather, plus the rivers are cold! So we make sure you are provided with enough gear to keep you warm, although not dry! All you really need is a swimsuit or even underwear for under the wetsuit! However, bringing a few more things can make your trip more comfortable!  

ALL TRIPS: What we provide
- Neoprene wet suits (farmer john & socks)
- Wind resistant splash jackets.
- Top quality Protech white water helmets.
- Commercially (US) approved white water rafting Type V life jackets.

- Neoprene wetsuit jacket.
- Wind resistant splash pants.
- Neoprene mitts.
- Fleece helmet liners.

DAY TRIPS: What you should bring
- shoes that can get wet, have good tread and will stay on your feet (sports sandals or old runners are best).
- swimsuit or lightweight underclothes for under your wetsuit.
- towel, dry shoes for after the trip
- sun glasses, tie-on for glasses
- extra medication, epipen for deadly allergies

OVERNIGHT TRIPS: what to bring
Space is limited (everything including the kitchen sink has to fit into the boats) so please follow the gear list. Be able to dress in layers. On the morning of trip departure wear what you are going to put on that night when we hit the beach. Usually a t-shirt with a warm pullover and a pair of warm pants is best. And bring your dry shoes. Call us if you have questions about what is appropriate to bring. For 3 day trips, bring an additional set of underclothes & socks. If you are prone to being cold, bring an additional warm layer.

- 2 pairs long underwear or other warm lightweight layer (fleece if you have it).
- 2 changes of underclothes, 3 pairs of socks.
- t-shirt or tank top & shorts.
- warm pullover and 2 pairs of warm light weight pants (NOT denim, fleece if you have it).
- swimsuit, face cloth & mid-size towel
- personal wash kit & flashlight (headlamp if you have it)
- shoes that can get wet such as tennis shoes or sport sandals.
- dry shoes such as runners or light hikers
- sun glasses, tie-on for glasses
- extra medication, epipen for deadly allergies
- sun hat, warm hat
- camera
- compact sleeping bag, tent, an inflatable sleeping pad such as ensolite or thermarest.
(also available to rent, $20/tent, $20/sleeping bag & pad set - CA$)

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