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Wild River Expedition

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Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 12 - 15

Trip Information

The Experience

I was sitting at the river’s edge, listening to two rivers crash into each other when I realized, ‘this is more than a cool trip, this is a deep dive into remote nature.’ I felt like I was breathing in the history of an ancient landscape. And I’ll tell you – this was teamwork on a whole new level!

I came with some artist friends, but the other group was engineers. I wondered if we’d get along, but right off the bat we had to work together by packing a HUGE pile of gear into two small rafts. Once we got on the river, the rafting was pretty mellow at first, like you’re the new person at a party and you’re just scoping it out. But that all changed when we hit the first set of rapids. All we could see was this crashing, roiling, white water, waves taller than me, with the guide yelling over the roar, ‘PADDLE HARD!!’ Didn’t need to tell me twice!

Once the water calmed down we just sat.. spellbound I guess. The river was still gurgling, miles of mountains and trees all around, and knowing we were going to be camping in the middle of that… it was a WOW moment for sure. But first we had to row straight across two rivers converging together – what a rush! By the time I changed into dry clothes, the food was ready. OMG it was good! Seriously, they even made fresh brownies! Then we sat around the fire and one of the guys started talking about this big wave we’d hit. We all tossed stories around and it felt like I was camping with family. It was really magical.

There’s one moment I’ll never forget tho… that first night the engineers were watching me down by the river, picking up rocks, holding them, and setting them down. They asked my friend what the heck I was doing. She said I was probably checking what the rocks ‘felt’ like. I’m sure they thought I had rocks in my head! But at the end of the trip one engineer came up to me, held out a smooth round stone and asked if he’d chosen a ‘good one’. It was such a sweet moment!! I may never see him again but as we parted, I understood what it meant to be part of the River Family.

Loved It

It was a wonderful experience for me and my family. They ensured to keep everyone safe with regards to COVID protocols and throughout trip. We had a great guide and I would highly recommend it.

– Monique R. | Tripadvisor
Great Experience

I've rafted with Wild Blue Yonder 3 times. The rivers are fun and scenic, the guides and staff very professional. They make everyone feel comfortable, including my senior parents and special abilities aunt.

– Beth D. | Tripadvisor

We had an amazing time white water rafting in Grand Cache! The Wild Blue Yonder team was fun, knowledgeable, organized, and professional. The scenery blew me away too. I would recommend this trip and company to anyone!

– milamezei | Tripadvisor
Family Fun

It was my second time with Wild Blue Yonder and once again, they didn't disappoint! The bus ride, the majestic scenery, our wonderful & knowledgeable guides.. My family had a blast!

– Mag F. | Tripadvisor

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