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Two Wild Rivers

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Adult Ages 18+

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The Experience

I’m walking down a steep trail into this canyon and the view is… just Wow! I want to share the moment so I look over at my friend, but instead I burst out laughing. The wetsuit, helmet and lifejacket… it’s quite the look. She grins, lifts her paddle in the air and says. “Let’s do this!” I can’t wipe the smile off my face. We’re about to go rafting – for the first time!

It’s a bit of a process actually getting to the river with the safety talks and all the gear, but I feel well prepared. After a bit of jostling and a few nervous giggles we’re in a raft headed downstream. The current is strong and the shore is whizzing past – this is a rush, and it’s FUN! They said almost anyone can do it and they’re right, this is a pretty friendly river, and this scenery is nuts. Plants are clinging to sheer cliff walls you can almost touch, and there are rapids and headwalls and my friends are laughing and screaming at the same time! This is freaking unreal, and we’re doing it!!

Before you know it we’ve conquered the first river and are headed to lunch. Then it’s straight into the second river. It’s like we’ve completed basic training and now this is the real thing! The trail down is dense and winding, and we hear the roar of the falls long before we get there. I don’t want to let on I’m a bit nervous, but I think maybe my friends are too.
This river is definitely more serious – narrow and fast, lots of turns, lots of big rocks. We don’t have time to think about it ‘cause right away we’re IN it.

“Left side paddle hard! Right side paddle two! ALL PADDLE HARD!!”, the guide bellows over the rush of white water. Suddenly I’m engulfed in water as the raft hits a massive wave and just as I’m ready to dig my paddle in deep, the bow lifts up and I’m paddling air. The raft drops back down and on the next stroke, I catch water again and somehow this feels normal, and good! It’s intense, but we’re doing it and I have never felt more alive!

As we get to the end, we’re all pumped and grinning like fools. From the moment we got into that raft, we had to pull together. It was relentless and kind of scary at times, but we all feel superhuman now. Invincible! My friends, guides, the other group; we all did this, and now I feel like we’re all part of this wild river family.

Fun Time

If you are on the fence about going on a Rafting adventure.....don’t be!!! This was my very first time and I can’t wait to go again! What an amazing and professional (and fun) gang!

– Cassandra M. | Tripadvisor
Great Experience

Excellent experience! They took extra care to make sure everyone was safe and warm. Everyone had fun and talk about it as a highlight of our trip!

– Lexie B. | Tripadvisor
Fantastic Trip

Went white rafting during Covid and the crew there is extremely clean and careful with all their sanitizing efforts. Had an excellent trip and our guide was fantastic. 3rd time there and would go back anytime.

– Michelle L. | Tripadvisor

This was an epic adventure! The staff is phenomenal-the sights were amazing! We are counting down until we can visit again.

– Joanne G. | Tripadvisor

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