NEW TO REVELSTOKE! It’s Theatre Adventure on water! Let your child (and big kids, too) live out the fantasy: get your pirate gear, name and sign-up for a mad-cap tale of buried treasure, rats and rogue crew members! Sing songs, learn jokes, battle with swords and find the gold! Performed in a hilarious improv style, our crazy captains will have you in stitches and the little ones bedazzled. This unique adventure includes face-painting, bandannas, swords and treasure... and you get to take it all home!

Level: Beginner, class 1/2+, ages 4+  
Open 2016: mid-July to Aug 28
Duration: 1 hours river time, depending on water levels. 
4 hours total experience time. 

Adults $59 +tax
Children (4-14) $39 +tax

6+ people   - 5% off
12+ people  - 10% off
18+ people - 15% off

ITINERARY: Meet us at our Booking Bus at your trip time. While you finish payments and fill out the waiver/medical form, the kids will get transformed into fearsome or dazzling pirates! After changing into rafting gear, it’s an 10-minute shuttle to the river. Along the way, the epic tale of Captain Shiver-Me-Timbers will be shared. Once the crew learns the pirate ways (safety briefing), we set sail! The adventure continues as we stop on a deserted island, learn to sword fight and dig for gold! The captains bravely defend their crews, and the mayhem continues! After the boats are loaded, it’s a 10-minute ride back to the start. The wee pirates will be able to keep their share of the treasure booty, and their pirate outfit (gold coins, jewels, treasure sack): sword & bandana. There's also a "Pirate Certificate" officially proclaiming their new identity!